SAMINA Sound Light Sleepsystem Introduction
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From a scientific point of view, sleep is the most important factor for our well-being, our health and for a strong immune system. So if you really want to live healthily and ensure a strong immune system, you must first and foremost sleep healthily! Sleep is considered the source of health, life energy and performance capacity. With the high-quality biological healthy sleep products, based on the findings of sleep research and sleep medicine, we have been supporting the regenerative sleep experience of our customers for over 30 years.

The Sound Light Sleepsystem sets new standards in the field of natural and holistic healing approa-ches around music medicine and color light therapy. This can be complemented by guided medita-tions and breathing exercises, positive suggestions, hypnosis and subliminals.

Everything combined in a single system. This makes falling asleep, the entire sleep and regenerati-on process up to waking up not only a noticeable experience, but also enormously increases its overall quality.